Monday to Thursday – Removal Van deals.

Monday to Thursday special long distance removal deals thourghout the summer months for jobs over 200 miles from Edinburgh.

Van Man Removals are offering a deal for long distance removals on mainland United kingdom that are ideal for students, small removals, nhs staff and anyone with just the life basics and need it shifted for moving and want to help and travel in the van from Edinburgh travelling in the van will also save you money on bus or train fairs so take that into account.

Small Removal Van.


We have the cheapest removals van deal of approx 3 cubic meters of space that is on offer for £1.15 per loaded mile, this is for a doblo or a transit connect type van. Mainly ideal for light small removals of a few bags of personal effects and boxes with no furniture or anything larger than a meter tall, measurements of back loading space is 1.8 meters length, 1 metered height, 1.3 meters wide.


Medium removal Van.


The second option is cargo type van like a small transit of vauxhall vivaro this price is £1.30 per loaded mile and take about 25% more than the small van the measurements are around 2.5 meters long, 1.3 meters wide, 1.4 height and takes a reasonable amount of personal goods and odd items of furniture for transportation.


Large Panel Removal Van.


The biggest removal van for moving on offer in this summer removal deal is the large commercial van, vans like Renault master high roof or mercedes sprinter and the internal loading volume is roughly 3.4 meters length, 1.3 meters wide and 1.9 meters height so its possible to stand upright and can take mattresses and about 2x volume of the mid sized van and the price for this for long trips is £1.45 per loaded mile.

All prices are for 50% deposit on booking, one man and the customer helping, if you require additional loading and unloading assistance let us know and this increases the price, the deal does not include unlimited waiting time and it’s a load and go and unload on arrival at destination, any parking payments and ferry fares would have to be paid by the customer plus additional mileage and costs.


These deals are for Man and van removals from Monday to Thursday during normal working hours only and subject to availability and terms.


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