What is A sufficient packing attitude?

Every Home removal company and man with a van services has different expectations for home removals and self packs. Very often, like most things in life, expectations are never met.Customers often pack items themselves for moving and don’t think it through properly and the potential consequences.

How can a self packer for a Large or small home move get it right?

Well, think how valuable is my stuff  and do i want to use cardboard or the thinnest microns of plastic bags you can buy, but still apparently have the right to complain if the bag splits onto a rain cover pavement carried by the removal man and all your precious clothing wipes up the rainwater, whose to blame? the bag, the lack of presence of a half decent box or the stupid removal man whose obviously very heavy handed,  butter fingered and generally clumsy?

Its mostly about economics and how far your budget will stretch to buying packing materials for a removal. You might be a student who couldn’t care less and bin bags and free from the shop single wall compacted dust strength crisp boxes will do if for you, if it all goes wrong you just shrug your shoulders and thank god the man and van off gumtree is doing the job for a measly 20 quid and thats to be expected to have my stuff dropping all over the place, the guys only worth the 15-20 quid anyway and he’s probably not paying tax anyway.

Then theres fuss-pots who want everything catered for but are really carefree packing wise and haven’t given the packing process any thought, assuming it all magics itself from one destination to another without issues and little cost to them packing wise. If you drop any loose badly assembled items that have been left to move without any packing used or prepped to move or complain about loads of singular fragile items that should be packed properly for sufficient protection, its the removal mans job apparently to deal with it, even though no packing material has been used by the customer or requested. This takes time to deal with items like this moving and packing it in the van safely and adds time to all removal jobs and unfortunately time is money and wages, this is never taken into account by customers paying for a removal service.

Problems like badly packed stuff can create issues for any half decent removal men and the effective use of space in the removal van. If its badly packed it wont stack and potentially might get damaged/crushed or worse still any liquids packed in bags or flimsy open topped boxes may spill into the removal van, the customer would be liable for cleaning it up, it takes up so much time dilly dallying about with items that are badly packed. The main issue if something happens its the mover has to take responsibly for something that is not of his doing and creates issues when speaking to the customer as customers often see it as just excuses for incompetence when actually it’s the other way round on a self packing job.

How often do removal men turn up and get told by customers this is very fragile, expensive or delicate and the one thing thats missing from this super value item is any type of protective layer, but it needs to be treated with the greatest of care, does this make any sense?

These tips are from the common sense section of this website.

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