Self storage – Thinking of putting your stuff into self storage Ive got some tips for you to make sure you get the best deal and the right one.

Theres a lot of storage facility’s around Edinburgh all competing with each other for your custom and have various offers but one thing you don’t think about is the size of the unit you need. When you call self storage company up they should, if they are any good, have a reasonable accurate estimate of your goods if you tell them what you have, they should also suggest the storage unit size required to house this and price to match.

The one thing you don’t expect is the self storage company to offer a self storage unit that’s not the size you have been told it is, you take for granted what you are told and as a customer to a  business you expect it to be right. If you are shown a unit that’s 25-60-80 ft in their sizes that’s what your expected to get, most importantly what you are paying a lot of money for, its good practice and customer service after all , if its not what it is well it would be a tad annoying wouldn’t it?  maybe even breaking some customer related rights/sale of goods act rules ?

Best advice I can give is take a tape measure with you and some common sense if visiting any Self storage faculty In Edinburgh, id suggest measure the size of the unit. Some storage companies  who offer units that are not the size they should be, im sure most reputable ones wont carry out this practice,  but just in case you should always measure the room you are shown/offered so you know what you are getting and just don’t take what you are told means it it was it is ! Depending on what day it is or who you speak to most storage places use the floor space as the measure of the unit but really it should be that plus height and calculated at cubic feet or meters. So if a unit is 5ft x5ft x7ft it would be 175ft but for some reason they do do it that way if you do it they way they do the unit would be 25ft as per floor space.

Another good way to work it out is by vehicle you are using, most luton vans are between 60-75ft fully packed in storage unit world sizes  so compare size of that to the room, 70- 80 ft should be ok if you need space to play with if needed regular access. Nothing worse than turning up with a not quite full 3/4 full luton then given a 60-70 ft room which in real terms should be more than plenty to have some extra space to play with and pack correctly, then finding your left with various bits of furniture left over. Instinct suggests the customers thinks my van is not the size I say it is so im ripping the customer of with my inexperienced lack of knowledge and I look a fool,  so its  suddenly my problem having to take all the stuff out and repack in a unit thats now increased to 100ft to house 60ft of furniture even though 100ft is impossible to get in a luton van – very embarrassing indeed for me and Im the one whose right !

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