Our man and van edinburgh blog seems to have some unusual fans all over the world , im really curious why they read this im sure they have better things to do with their time . China seems to the the current trend and closely followed russia , im not sure if they do man with van style jobs in those countries ! Ive blocked poland and other eastern european countries as it was getting a bit boring with all the traffic i got, sometimes 100s a day seems a bit strange to me.

Van Man

Man and Van Edinburgh Blog

I do understand some local Edinburgh people read it, mainly other guys who do the same-ish thing, like muhammed the fake accent rope-em-in chap and his pal phone for false quote casper /thomaz, with dave having the odd browse.

My old foe, fat tom fi fife, who couldnt keep his eyes of my website amungst other things, he was like the spolit kid with sticky fingers he was never off my case for some reason suppose if i was like him id be desperate for help, and not forgetting bs removals who took a full page content and used it on their own website and denied it was them woh did it … all very flattering indeed, but a tad bit boring and pointless. I couldnt tell you anything about what they do or what there websites look like as it doesnt interest me in the slightest and has never done as they are like the rest of the faceless sheep who frequent out plant and steal ideas and feed of others all for gain .

Never mind those from down south looking for ideas and have heard about this blog and how amzing it is to read and the information contained is excellent but who can blame them for visiting van man removals blog  – the place where ideas start for others !

Man and Van Edinburgh Blog

The 1st and most original removal blog in the uk and dont forget that !!

Man and Van

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