Speaking with a removals colleague some days ago he told me of being accused of bad customer service, this was interesting as you couldn’t find a removals guy who helps out people more and charges good prices – apart from myself!

The story was he got a text asking for a quote and it stated moving just a few paintings from one area of Edinburgh to the other, no addresses and the usual little detail of what was to be moved apart from suggesting few large paintings, written in such a way it didn’t look a big job so he fired of a quote.


Once the customer provided the addresses, he didn’t have to hand originally, he stated it would be the Luton van they needed, now for a small move you don’t need a Luton sized van so this set the alarm bells ringing and my removal colleague suggested to the customer it sounded like it was maybe larger jobs than anticipated and the price he quoted was not for a Luton removal van but a panel van. The customer took exception to this and listed an inventory of what was to be moved and went into great detail about the job which was missing from initial request adding he could find cheaper Luton vans for hire and said his customer service was bad and expected a Luton van for this cost.

Now if this was me thinking about all that, it would suggest it’s the classic bait and switch technique being used for this job that’s commonly used by some customers to get you to commit a price then think you’ll accept what they have volume wise even if it grossly exceeds the info they have provided. Im not sure why people do this, but it happens to most man with a van services in Uk.

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