Light removals service is one of the most popular in Edinburgh Lothian . Light removals is idea for moving small removal items between locations on a tight budget, those items you cant get in a so called mates car or get your usual friend of a friend to help move, but the works van isnt available as he was caught last time moonlighting in it and the boss was none too pleased. The van was grubby anyway, so why on earth would you chance using it again moving that cream coloured suede sofa, you`d have to be mad ! Plus the cost of pints and food to reward him will almost certainly outweight the cost of  using van mans Edinburgh`s Light moving services ?

Light Removals Edinburgh .

Van Mans Light removal service can be tailored to fit anyone needs, perfect for local, smallish, student campus moves, rental accomodation moves when the mover doesnt have much cash to spend or more than likely thinks its better spent on something else other than wasting time moving stuff around town eg getting drunk and having a good time, sometimes we have to spend on things we think are worthless dont we ?

Moving something and dont want it soiled damaged or even go missing there is no one better to move it than Our light removals in Edinburgh offers !


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