Van man Edinburgh are currently changing the way we price for removel jobs, excuse the spelling it’s not an error, in the past we used to take patchy vague customer guesstimates with little or no information on offer and this very often backfired on our good will and trusting nature. Getting it wrong was sometimes costing £100s a week in lost revenue because some customers don’t want to take time to think about whats being moved and generalise whats being moved, usually in such a way to make it look attractive and to get a low price.

Some, not all, Customers looking for a removal quote quite often get exasperated when being asked various questions about the moving job they need doing, unfortunately it’s a necessary evil, there is no other way around it. Believe it or not being a small removals company means you are working under same criteria of a painter/decorator being asked for a quote to paint your house, a takeaway asking what you would like to eat, a taxi firm asking for the addresses, going into Gregg’s the baker and telling them what you want to order, do you go in and just ask for food, thought not! just like any type of home services company we are asking you for more information to help us and to help you. Try going into the supermarket and paying for just half the goods in your basket, yes, it’s not going to happen!

Running a removal business for moving personal goods and being paid for physically hard labour and providing a fully equipped removals vehicle it was being turned into a fiasco with customers often getting information on the removal job wrong by massive margins, usually with 50-100% more personal possessions and furniture goods to be moved than was originally mentioned, thinking it was ok for same original quoted price, no other home services business seems to be treated this way and extra goods are expected to be moved for nothing for some reason?

We have now implemented a inventory list to make it easier for customers to fill out online, on this websites contact form, and anyone calling or texting van man removals for a quote is asked to provide a written list of whats to be moved, this doesn’t apply to any jobs that are hourly rate removals prices in Edinburgh.

It can be hard to price a removal job when phrases like “some boxes’ is used, this is open for massive error pricing wise or the “not much stuff” normally it never is till you pack it all up and it becomes a huge amount of stuff thats gone beyond your wildest imagination, people even say when asked “we have no furniture” but oddly have a full vans worth of it when we arrive, but the price has to stay the same apparently, doesn’t it? as its still “some boxes” or “some bags”  “just the usual”  “it’ll not take long” one things for sure we never get a call telling us its much more than we told you before we arrive.

Please be assured we always give excellent value for money but the van man has to continue in the removal business in Edinburgh and has to generate an income, wages plus all the associated bills that customers never think about and nor they should, but it’s a proper removals business after all and we have to charge accordingly.

The other issue when getting it so wrong, is will it all fit in the van but thats for another blog post!

Follow these simple steps for a successful removal quote.

1.Date of Move
2.Both Addresses/floors
3.Inventory list.
4.Any other important details

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