Common sense tips when moving

Being a man with a van Moving goods for the past 10 years around Edinburgh we come up against some issues on occasion either due to not asking enough questions of the customers doesn’t know any better this sometimes interferes with our good quality services and sometimes adds extra to the customers final bill so to avoid all this please have a read through our list!

Very easy to read and a simple list!

Some common sense tips for you

  • Ensure the right address, postcodes &; removal job details are given.
  • Tell us about any on the way `round the corner drop off/collections.
  • Please ask for two porters if required all quotes are for one helper!
  • Have a parking space clear for our arrival if van parked 30+ mins
  • Make sure you are fit & ready to move at the time booked.
  • Make sure you have keys/rights of access before we arrive @ destination.
  • Ensure other people at any addresses involved are in/ready.
  • Have everything suitably & safely packed well before our arrival.
  • Any Doors removed if needed, walkways cleared if required.
  • Dishwasher, washing machines, etc. Unplumbed ready to go.
  • Anything to be dismantled by customer is dismantled.
  • Customer is expected to help load/unload unless otherwise advised prior to job
  • Removal quote isn’t for our unlimited time & labour.
  • If volume of goods exceeds quote, we will charge more.
  • Please have cash/cheque payments ready on completion of job
  • Cancellations must be with at least 24hrs, verbal notice.
  • Any damages / issues must be pointed out before our departure.
  • We expect to do removal in a safe and non threatening environment
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