The Simple Tips for Getting from Edinburgh to Cambridge


There can be few more interesting places to set up a new home in the UK than in the picturesque and deeply historic city of Cambridge.

This lovely place in Cambridgeshire has long been renowned throughout the world for having one of the planet’s top universities in it. However, there are more reasons to move from Edinburgh to Cambridge than simply the idea of gaining a degree from a prestigious university.

The Trip Down to Cambridge from Edinburgh


If you are travelling by car to Cambridge then expect it to take you roughly 6 hours from the Scottish Capital, covering some 350 miles along the way.

If the idea of driving down the A1 isn’t particularly appealing to you then the train will take you around 6 hours if you get the quickest route, or twice as long if you don’t mind a meandering trip and a few changes of train.


Ideally, you will arrive in Cambridge feeling ready to start this new phase in your life right away. In order to do this it is a good move to let a moving services team of removals experts handle the packing, unpacking and transport of your stuff. The same applies if you are moving from here up to Edinburgh, of course.


Cambridge a Centre of Studying

The rich history of academic studies in Cambridge means that the university here is instantly recognisable by people from all over the world. If you are going to embark on your studies here iconic buildings such as King’s College Chapel and the Cambridge University Library are waiting for you.


Before you can get started on this, you will want make the journey from Scotland as hassle-free and enjoyable as you can. There is a huge difference between rushing around trying to pack all of your belongings and being able to savour your last few days in Edinburgh with no stress thanks to our moving services.
Prospects of a New Job

One of the other big reasons that many people head to Cambridge is to start a rewarding new career in a great setting. Although it is best known as a university city, there are also other industries here that could make it ideal for moving your careers onwards and upwards.


For example, tourism is big business here, which is no surprise given the natural beauty and outstanding architecture of the city. This region is also known for its recent emergence as a hi-tech powerhouse and biomedical research centre, offering the chance for an exciting new direction in your career.


If you are planning a move from Edinburgh to Cambridge to boost your career and earning power then going about it in the best way possible will set you up for a great start to life here. This means that you should take care to get all your belongings down to this lovely part of England is a safe and thoroughly professional way with our reliable moving services


Edinburgh to Cambridge distance map


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