Deliveroo Edinburgh

Deliveroo the premium restaurant takeaway delivery service that started in London delivery has now opened in Edinburgh, Deliveroo offer an alternative to to the usual takeaways that can be usually be found on just eat by doing delivery’s for restaurants in Edinburgh that don’t usually do takeaway deliveries like handmade burger, Nandos, table end in leith etc for an average delivery cost of £2.50. Im not sure they will be using pedal/electric bikes like they do in London.

High Class Delivery


The aim is to work with higher class restaurants and a niche market, you should be getting a card thought your door soon or you can download the app and look, the most popular new one will no doubt be Nandos.


I remember a similar service in Edinburgh in 1994 but that never took off as the internet, never mind cheap marketing wasn’t in full force back then and more word of mouth based and most folk back then only used takeaways Friday, Saturday and Sunday so it came and went.


I actually had a job request from Deliver to collect their kangaroo mascot logo from Liverpool but i was too expensive, I prefer to make some profit on long trips as there would be no point in doing work like that and they sent me a link saying this is the current price the job was at as if to make me join a website to bid less than the cost of the fuel it would take me to have carried out the collection.


Deliveroo website, when i went onto their website to type in my postcode to find out what restaurants in Edinburgh they are offering the service for, it said there was nothing in the area and nor for any postcode i tried, so maybe still signing up new restaurants or it’s a website glitch for Edinburgh and on the way home today going up Hanover Street a deliveroo moped dangerously squeezed between the van and kerb to turn into George Street and used the cycle,pedestrian path walkway so seems they are operational.


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