Student Removals Edinburgh

Studdents-Removals-VanEdinburgh Students !! Its that time again, Moving out from halls of residence back home need a cheap reliable Edinburgh student removals company, look no further than Martin ~Van Man Removals. Some of you may know about our service but for those who don’t!

The Van Man has been offering the best Man with Van Moving service in Edinburgh since 2004 and continues to do so. We also can give advice on what’s best for your storage & Removal needs and also what the best storage facility for the price in Edinburgh. We give impartial advice & our prices are very competitive for an Experienced insured professional removals company dedicated to our job.

logo-with-address-300x243Working 7 days a week and are very flexible and short notice moves are more than welcome. Our vans are clean modern and come fully equipped and are only used for Removals, why hire a van when you can hire a man with a van extra driver/Helping hand for more or less the same price for a short van rental in Edinburgh. Forget about deposits and all the hassle involved with a Van rental agency – if your under 25 you will have no choice.

Van Man Removals Edinburgh

Offer – Reliability are trustworthy and offer Fair prices !

We can also take you and your possessions if it’s over 5 cubic meters back home to anywhere in the UK/ Northern Ireland~ ask for our prices. I can also give advice on cheaper alternatives if its small volumes to be moved. If you don’t have much if volume & can’t be taken on a train or bus you need someone to be honest with you and give options, not many companies offer this service giving alternatives to transporting goods but we do!


Kerb to Kerb Removals for students


Our lowest cost move is the Kerb to kerb removal – This means you have it ground level or on street level outside ready for collection and its loaded onto van then taken to destination and left at street level or in stairwell, this is good for the amount of volume a Edinburgh taxi would refuse, we get lots of calls from students saying the taxi refused.

The kerb to kerb removal service only applies to within the city centre area, not long distances – we usually only book kerb to Kerb jobs on the day if we are AVAILABLE or 24-48 hours in advance.


Local Student Removals from £30

This is valid only city centre area only 1.5 miles of Edinburgh University

kerb to Kerb, small volume, 1 persons goods only)


Before calling use this simple checklist

1. Date of move
2. Both Addresses and floors involved.
3. Rough inventory of whats being moved.
4. Any other detail about times, keys, access issues.

Follow that and we can give a quote!

Student storage Deals

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