Terms of hourly rate removals pricing.

We offer Booking time slots of between 1.5 – 8 hours on the customers estimated timescale for jobs that have no inventory and unknown amounts, hard parking of other factors leading to more time spent on a job.

The time starts when we arrive at the starting point.

Man and van Hourly rate.

The minimum  hourly rate time slot starts from 1.5 hours one man with a modern luton van. Please note this is one man with your help loading and unloading, not one man doing 20-30 boxes going from a 3rd floor to a 3rd floor himself. 

Two men and a van Hourly rate.

Minimum 2 hours for two men with one modern Luton van, ideal for  small to medium jobs long walks, lifts or someone organising a job they have no idea whats being moved.

Three removal men hourly rate.

Minimum 4 hours for 3-4 men with one or if requested two luton vans large 1-3 bedroomed moves or office moves.

Edinburgh city boundary only.

All hourly rates are for within the Edinburgh City boundary and not for jobs out-with Edinburgh area. To be clear Edinburgh is eh16 all other postcodes out-with are not Edinburgh. 

Once the allotted time limit has passed we will charge per half hour and the time does not carry over till the next day or additional future booked date.

Brief job details are required to be provided to have an outline description of addresses/floors, transportation/removal porter needs, ideally also having an estimated timescale required to carry out the tasks so we can mutually agreed this with the customer. This avoids any issues with over-booking or under-booking times and keeps our diary in order for any additional workloads.

The hourly rate price is only for moving goods from one address to another unless otherwise prior agreed in the job detail.

Any Additional addresses or tasks requires information to be provided before the job is booked/agreed, the contract rules/terms  cannot change once the job is started.

The price does not include moving goods out any additional lorries, vans that may turn up or cars unless clearly specified, nor including the following – moving  pianos, assembling or dissembling or assembling flatpack furniture,  items requiring specialised moving equipment, disposing of unwanted goods/rubbish/items for waste, packing removal boxes or providing any materials or any other tasks not involving the original job description. we may no have or be able to help if this is the case.

If the job is completed well before the time slot booked is up the time still needs to be paid for.

Basic guidelines of what we/you need to know before you call 07730263353.

  • Addresses, Date and time required.
  • How many porters (Be sensible)
  • How many vans required, we have 2.
  • Brief job description to assist us with estimate timescale.
  • Clarify if any additional tasks required.
  • Paid on day or invoicing (invoicing carries an extra charge)

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