That time of the year when students come back to study in Edinburgh and struggle to find a flat as all the goods ones go really quickly and its a term of disspointment accommodation wise, or if 1st year student move into the comfort of various noisy halls of residence, with lots of trying and failing to be cool students dotted around Edinburgh. The 1ST move the students make is to call a man and a van for a removal, unfortunately the reputation of some man and vans isn’t great, and the treatment they get sometimes matches that, but please take into account some actually trade as a proper removals business and work professionally and prefer being informed of exactly what is required to carry out the transportation of goods.


We often get students in Edinburgh calling to move stuff out storage and very often lack some simple basic details we need to help with the move. Often in a mad panic calling so many man and vans for removals in Edinburgh they soon loose track  of whose been called and often patch together a favourable quote from one, someone else’s diary who was free on that particular day and another man and van Edinburgh whose information who sounded all nice and professional and pointed out various pitfalls they may make (me) taking all three and getting it all wrong.


A few simple rules to follow to avoid being disorganised and flapping about.

  • Know when you’re arriving in Edinburgh and if storage facility is open.
  • Know the storage unit size ( smallest or maybe medium sized wont do)
  • Know the storage address (the storage place up sighthill wont do, there are 4)
  • Know the amount thats being moved (I can’t remember, just my stuff books etc – wont be quotable)
  • Know the address you are moving into ( in-town isn’t sufficient)
  • Make sure you have access (don’t say when the van is loaded i’ll have to wait hours to get keys)
  • Take down the name of the man with a van you are using so no mix ups (are you damien/pavel/dave/hing’way …nope thats not me and its very boring )
  • Don’t double book with a man and van service (it’s annoying when this happens, pointless time wasting due to flapping around)
  • Be organised (Earn the respect of the man and van, make him think you’re as special as you think you are !)



Simple common sense rules to follow and take onboard for the rest of your life of being super organised and impress all around you!

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