Storage with or without insurance.

Thinking of moving items into storage and you request additional insurance, there are a few things required for storage insurance to be valid. Firstly you’ll need to list every single item and its value and condition, nothing can be insured unless a value has been clearly established, just like most insurance small print. Almost every type of insurance company asks for this information prior to agreeing any type of insurance, so the same goes for storing goods in any Edinburgh storage company.


Self pack for storage.


You will, if a self pack, need to make sure all times have been properly packaged and protected, if you have black bin bags full of fragile breakables like plates and glasses they will obviously have a high risk of breakages, common sense comes into it. If its fragile it needs protecting if you want insurance! Make sure strong double walled cardboard boxes have been used with the appropriate wrapping like packing tissue paper and bubble wrap all available online or from a local supplier for delivery direct to your door.

High value items for storage.


High value items need to be clearly marked if its high value and pointed out, for example if you have an artwork by Picasso worth 2 million and want to put it in a storage box with lots of random bits and bobs that might not be the best storage for a highly valuable work or art, again it comes back to common sense and in reality anything of that high value nature needs some kind of custom protective wooden box packaging stored within a climate controlled environment, but thats taking it to the extreme, but then again if you want insurance you the customer need to make sure all possible angles are covered !


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