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Recommending Edinburgh man with a van removal company via Removal Company review sites.

We all like to read what others think of a home removal company in Edinburgh or a man with a van via online business reviews, some good, some bad, some so good after reading pages and pages of 100% 5 star reviews you soon think, is this for real, surely no one is that good at removals no matter how excellent you are there will always be a customer who isn’t happy no matter how hard you try, thats business!

Online removal reviews


It wouldn’t surprise anyone to find that well over 50% of removal reviews online are fake, people are easily fooled and that means you who is reading this! But how can you spot those false removal company reviews? I’ve found most customers can’t really be bothered doing a removal business review apart from a few who don’t even go ahead with the job, normally 1 in 10 reply or bother if even asked, hence why I’ve stopped asking, so when you see weekly or even daily reviews you’ll know for sure there is some doubt as it’s impossible to get top marks every single time. I’ve found not matter what you do or how good you think it went some customers will never give five star reviews. One company i know got 150 reviews in less than 2 months, literally impossible in the real world, and another has the the word “guys” repeated in almost all his review, guys this, guys that, which is nonsense really but people do fall for it!


Real Removal reviews


Our removal reviews online are real, just read them, we have had 3 unfavourable reviews all from customers we never even did the job for, strange that isn’t it, but was ok for them to take time to write about us with their own opinion with no reply on my part, handy when you have no say!  One wasn’t happy with the price quoted so the call ended abruptly in his opinion, they naturally do when no one agrees a price I’m not sure what else could be done rather than say ok thanks and goodbye? Conveniently i found no mention of customer initially withholding information after being naturally asked addresses and what was involved, refusing (yes refusing) to give the full street address, and only eventually providing this after 4 times of asking for correct street name location with him  saying the area, then near the bottom of a street in the area near his street, next to a junction in an area near his street, near the clock, never mind the details of the job being very patchy, he wasn’t sure as it was someone else’s goods (girlfriends) but still they wanted a price but people are people and sometimes can be rather frustrating dealing with people who want things done, but don’t want to provide the basic building blocks for a quote.

Another bad removal review was from someone wanting a job done for less than 20 quid on a Friday afternoon when we had no space or time to carry it out, this was to move, very heavy in his words, 2 seat sofa bed 5 miles distance from 3rd to a 3rd, so that answers that really, being straight with the person  as we always are he was told to go with his prior 20 quid quote from another so called “removals company” and wouldn’t find cheaper, the customer was obviously looking for cheaper than 20 quid, again didn’t like the call ending by this being pointed out and our  genuine curiosity why anyone would do it for less plus seemed far too cheap anyway and we can’t help, does being honest hurt ?

So what’s the moral of the story you’re asking? Well, don’t always believe what you read online about other moving man and van company’s, sometimes its true sometimes it’s not, sometimes a customer doesn’t like the sound of your voice and feels the  need to share that and has no idea of the actual service, if it’s all full marks out of ten and all short but similar wording review content  I would have doubts.  Really just go with your instinct when picking a mover, if they sound super professional on the phone again it’s no guarantee of anything, my tip never expect the best when you think it’s the best, but do make sure you know what you want and have addresses and full details of the job so a quote can actually be given !

If you want the real reviews removal company give us a call for 100% genuine honesty!


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