The Easy Way to Get from Edinburgh to York


Moving home from Edinburgh to York or vice versa is a thrilling experience that is sure to give you some memorable moments as well as a fresh start in a great new place to live.


Like Edinburgh, York is a beautiful and historic city with lots of tourist attractions. For example, the world famous York Minster is a must-see for any newcomer. York Castle and the Jorvik Viking Centre are other fascinating places to check out in your first few days here.


Moving for Work Purposes


If you are lucky then you will already have a new job lined up before you even start to plan the logistics of the switch from Edinburgh to York. If you haven’t then you will be pleased to see that the jobs market is currently buoyant in this part of North East England.


The economy in York has typically depended largely upon traditional industries as well as big local employers such as Rowntree’s and North Eastern Railway. These days, there is still a lot of jobs in the chocolate industry, while tourism, science and technology are now big business here.


Those people moving from Edinburgh to York and looking for a new work challenge will find plenty of opportunities here for trying something new. Of course, moving here in the simplest and most efficient way possible will let you start looking for work feeling fresh and fully motivated.


York for Study Purposes


The University of York and York St John University are among the top places to study in the North East of England, leading to many student moves in this direction. The fact that this is one of the founding National Science Cities and has a science park means that it is a very attractive destination for anyone interested in pursuing a career in a scientific field.

A trip from Edinburgh to York shouldn’t be too complex for a new student, as it is only a little over 200 miles and 4 hours driving distance away. If you don’t plan on heading down the A1 then the train trip takes about 2 and a half hours, making it a fast option for getting down there.


The journey down to study in York is obviously made a lot more difficult if you have a lot of belongings to take with you. As well as the hassle of packing and unpacking, this also leads to the issue of how to cram it all into whatever method of transport you plan to use.


To avoid a problematic and tiring removal van trip you could save yourself time and effort by getting a student moves team to take your stuff from Edinburgh to York easily. This is by far the simplest way of ensuring that everyone arrives where it should do without any risks.


Once you have made your way down to North Yorkshire you will be ready to enjoy life in a city that has been around since 71 AD and that as a very special feel to it. Make you student moves trip down from Edinburgh as smooth as trouble-free as you can in order to fully enjoy it right away.


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