Longterm low cost storage Edinburgh


Looking for long term storage in Edinburgh and lothian areas, we offer a 250 cubic foot storage vault for £50 per calendar month, compared to safestore, big yellow, Edinburgh self storage this is almost half the price after there 8 week deals come to an end.


Save yourself a load of dead cash by using storage that stays the same price thought-out the term you keep it. Big storage faceless always rope you in with deals and periodically increase prices knowing they have your stuff am its like a ransom fee, you pay it without questioning anything.


we do free move in on anything being booked more than 12 months so if your leaving the country for a bit let us move it and save yourself between 400-800 per year depending on the comprising you do.


Why would you use anywhere else for long term storage

Long term storage

Low cost storage

Cheap storage

storage in leith


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