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Have you got a garage, shed, flat full of unwanted furniture items for disposal or for reuse or things like  gym equipment, sports equipment, mattresses, beds, washing machines, white goods or bric a brac that just want to get rid of but don’t have the time it takes for disposal and need it done fast and efficiently?  Van Man Removals are a  junk disposal company in Edinburgh who cares what happens to waste and are legally registered to carry out disposal of any household waste goods.

Upcycling and Junk removal


Our junk removal service could be just the solution to your unwanted junk problem! We are quick and professional and can have your junk removed from your home  in no time. We are one of Edinburgh’s best known recycling and up-cycling champions, e.g. we take things like unwanted reusable furniture to charity or source someone who wants something unusual to turn it into something else like alternative artwork or an alternative piece of furniture, which is called upcycling, and favoured by alternative furniture shops that sell shabby chic to trendy customers and interior designers.

Edinburgh Green Van Man


Van Man Removals is a green man and van, we care about the planet and always actively try to ethically dispose of unwanted but reusable goods and reuse items as best we can,  there is for too much landfill with mountains of disposable badly made ikea furniture not lasting like it should and todays buy-now throwaway later  society doesn’t help and the landfills favourite friend, the pound-shop!


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