Van man removals Edinburgh occasionally charges per Hourly rate for a man with a van in Edinburgh. Most customers tend to happily accept this as a convenient way to carry out the removal job, especially when they themselves cant give any accurate details of whats required with the removal, avoiding any issues with price as we all like to be paid for our worktime especially if its additional work taking more time than expected.

Man with a Van within Edinburgh  minimum booking is usually 2 hours maybe as low as 1.5 hours, but with larger jobs it can be blocks of 4 to 6 hours this is good for full small flat removals and buying a selling situations, so all time is covered while waiting for access keys. No one likes to work for nothing, so why should a removal job be any different.

When a hourly rate for a man with a van Edinburgh home removal is given it means its for the full time/payment, so if a 120 minute (2 hours) takes 90 minutes you still have to pay for the full 120 minutes, I don’t charge per minute or blocks of 1,5,10 or 15 minutes or give a discounts if the time is finished early. Sometimes customers forget the initial deal agreed usually because they cannot tell us anything accurate about the job, if the job is done a lot quicker than expected, we cant give discounts as you have booked a block time and a deal has been done.

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