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Hourly rate man with a van

Van man removals Edinburgh occasionally charges an Hourly rate for a man with a van in Edinburgh. Most customers tend to happily accept this as a convenient way to carry out the removal job, especially when they themselves cant give any accurate details of whats required with the removal.

Man with a Van within Edinburgh  minimum booking is usually 2 hours but with larger jobs it can be blocks of 4 to 6 hours this is good for full small flat removals and buying a selling situations, so all time is covered while waiting for access keys. No one likes to work for nothing, so why should a removal job be any different.

When a hourly rate for a man with a van Edinburgh home removal is given it means its for the full payment, so if a 120 minute (2 hours) takes 90 minutes you still have to pay for the full 120 minutes, I don’t charge per minute or blocks of 10 or 15 or give a discounts if the time is finished early. Sometimes customers forget the initial deal if the job takes a lot quicker than expected, we cant give discounts as you have booked a block time and a deal has been done.


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