Going green means living an eco-friendly life by making some little changes in your lifestyle. These changes are not costly as you don’t have to spend money for that. Only you have to do is reduce your needs and the use of natural resources as much as possible. Along with being beneficial for the environment, it will help you to save your money by reducing your expenditure and will be good for the health of your family.

Global warming, depletion of natural sources, other environmental problems and inflation are the problems of great concern and if not solved, will have detrimental consequences. There is a lot that an individual can do for the betterment of environment which will also be advantageous to him directly or indirectly. If all the individuals would make some small changes in their lifestyle, a positive overhaul can be obtained.

What do can do to make your home green?


  • Save the electricity: Electricity is becoming more expensive than ever before. Your monthly bill can be made to reduce by doing following things


  • Switch off the lights and bulbs when not in use.


  • Unplug the electrical appliances like TV, computer, charger etc when not in use.


  • Replace the incandescent bulbs with fluorescent light bulbs.


  • Refrigerator is the biggest consumer of electricity in the home. Adjust its temperature according to the need. Also make sure that you close its door soon after opening as a delay of second in closing the door can result into a lot of energy waste.


  • Use green energy for saving the electricity. Sunlight is a natural free resource which can fulfil the purpose of light in daytime and can be used to heat the rooms in winters. It is also the largest source of vitamin D which is necessary for the well-being and proper functioning of bones.


  • Make the air fresh: Growing plants is the best option for this. If there is no space, then you can go for indoor plants that absorb the harmful chemicals. Earthen pots can be used for growing the flower plants which will deliver fragrance in the air and are the better alternative than the readymade air/room freshener. One more factor that will combat the indoor pollution is ban to smoking. Don’t let anyone to smoke in your home. Moreover it will also save you from harmful diseases because the exposure to cigarette smoke can cause cancer.


  • Apply the principle of 3R i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


The problem of waste disposal can be solved to large extent by implementing these small ideas:


  • Reduce the use of non-recyclable products.
  • Buy the products of good quality so that they don’t become useless soon.
  • instead of dumping the old things like old phones, clothes, shoes, bags etc, donate them to someone needy.
  • Recyclable waste products should not be dumped along with non-recyclable.
  • Conserve the precious natural source- Water
  • Even a drop matters while saving water. So, don’t let the tap open while you brush your teeth, use a mug instead. You can also use a tub for washing utensils rather than washing directly under the tap. Also, wash the clothes by fully loading the machine up to its capacity, it will make a big change.
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