Compiling inventory list for moving of home is one thing a customer can do to help the Removal Company in Edinburgh, giving an approximate quote over the phone or email. It can be done very simply by taking notes of each room, noting each large item and if anything needs to be dissembled / flat packed usually bedrooms and things like beds and wardrobes, will it fit out the door properly you have to ask yourself?


Small stuff counts when moving home !

Then move on to the smaller contents of clothes in wardrobes, bric-a- brac in drawers, working out how many boxes this will take to pack up etc.


Take time to work out whats to be moved !

When a customer calls for a quote they have not taken time to consider what they have possession wise and almost always ignore contents of cupboard’s and drawers as this is not visible to the eye. Large Kitchens are usually the main underestimated area as it’s all in cupboards and contents are not taken into account.


Remember kids toys need to be moved as well!

Next up is Kids toys, this is always a problem area as most toys are all random shapes sizes etc. this can be hard to work out but if you stand calmly and note each one on a list and count them up it’s not such a heavy duty task.


Pictures orniments need to be accounted for when moving !

Have you checked your walls for pictures and all those walk past and forget ornaments on the stairway?


Sheds , garages are an unseen storage area people forget !
Sheds and garages are almost always forgotten, so its vitally important you remember to look in these areas and list items as required, often this is a dumping ground for unwanted stuff that’s not been thrown out but still needs to be moved and takes up space in a removal van, even when its worthless and unwanted.


Those plants take up lots of space in a removal van !
Then the most forgotten about problem area, the garden , all the plants in a variety of pots, that have been bought over the years and are generally ignored but are still there and still need to be moved taking up space in a van , sometimes lots of space and this is a problem you can’t stack up.


Think similar to calling a takaway when calling a removal company !
The Best way to treat a home removal inventory is like phoning a takeaway for a meal, taxi firm, doing online shopping, just think how are these guys going to know what I want, what info do they need ?

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