The blame game, a few basic principles of common sense!

Its always a bit stressful moving your goods never mind people coming into your house you don’t know moving your stuff, sometimes theres issues that we as movers have no control over and are not responsible for. Someone had to say it! Most removal companies tippy toe around the customer till something happens then they get nasty blaming each other.

Every move is different and sometimes things happen outwith anyones control and sometimes someone has to be blamed or should i say take responsibility , usually the mover as their hands are on the item being moved, such is the home removal business.

Van man removals have a few basic guidelines to clarify what we can’t control and to point out to customers in the most honest way possible without any half truths flim-flam that almost all other movers spout out just sound good,  just some of the issues that may or hopefully may not arise during a removal, silly things on one thinks about till it happens.

Contents of Badly packed possessions
, boxes untaped on the top or even better boxes folded and not taped on the bottom, anything inside flimsy carrier or bin bags, if you can hear something moving/rattling inside just by lifting it or see the items inside as open box tops or items sticking out when its lifted, common sense tells us we cannot be responsible if anything gets damaged if its fragile and not packed properly.

Dissembling flatpack furniture and resembling from an ORIGINAL level floor to and UNEVEN floor, doors of a wardrobe may not close properly or the whole thing may have a slight slant on it due to the surface it’s sitting on, this is not in our remit to level floors off or spend unnecessary time trying to rectify something due to uneven floor surfaces, we are not joiners or floor layers.

Assembling cheap eBay furniture and a part is missing or just not fitting together properly, we cannot return to a customers house to fix unless an extra payment is made, issues like this is outwith our control and seen as extra work, take it up with the supplier whose parts are missing!

Badly assembled by customer flat pack furniture
that on lifting collapses or falls to bits, we always try and tell customer anything we see that looks faulty but sometimes its not noticeable till the item is lifted at the customers request even if advised not to to be lifted as one piece. Generally flat pack furniture isn’t build to be lifted in once piece and it held together by small metal pins that bend and break or better still the chipboard splits.

Repaired items that have been standing for years collecting dust in the corner and when moved, with care, a part suddenly decides to fall off, usually due to dry glue or an insufficient repair! We are not responsible for any repairs of old repairs.

People who live in dark homes and have dark furniture who have chosen to move to a light brightly sunlight home and suddenly notice scratches on the items, we cover everything during the transportation and nothing is ever scratched, any scratches seen are because you can’t see the scratches in the darkly lite home and now in the sun trap you have moved into now shows up all your furnitures flaws.

Any paintings pictures not covered with some kind of protection but seen as delicate and of high value.

Unboxed computers or electrical equipment and we are told worth £1000s , pack it as such please and best not use a plastic bag or just as it is, use a box and sufficient packing.

Loose cables or remote controls, bric a brac, if these go missing its because it wasn’t packed properly and maybe never went on the van in the first place if its gone totally missing.

Taking doors off or any fittings to get items in or out of a property and putting back on, sometimes doors that have been on for 30 years don’t quite go back on to the same exact position due to paint (we are not joiners)

Shiny new floors have to be covered by the customer before arrival, we cannot tippy toe around with heavy boxes and furniture, we do have floor covers but this takes up time and its open to issues. If its raining put mats or covers down, new wooden floor please cover it before the mover arrives rather than when they arrive and then start adding rules to the job.

Newly painted walls – yes people sometimes do paint walls hours before we arrive and we wont be paying for any touch-ups if anything happens, you might get a bill from us for a new top though if we get paint on ourselves!

Large items fitting in small spaces, a classic common issue, oner sofas always looks nice in the big bright stylish shop but when it arrives and a tiny one bedroomed flat its another story. If its 2 meters wide and the space is less than that it wont fit this is the customers issue, not ours, we are still perfectly entitled be paid for the work carried out and can’t hold any responsibility for any items not fitting where the customer thinks it will fit.

Washing machines/Cookers need to be unplumbed, unwired we are not plumbers or gas engineers and cannot touch anything connected to water or gas pipes. its surprising how many customers think this is in with the price, it’s not!

Decades of Dust/grease please wipe down furniture or machines before we move them as we like to try and stay clean from dust or grease, its just not nice inhaling someones dead skin when it falls off the top of the wardrobe nor is it funny as some customers think or getting chip pan fat on our clothing !


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