Are you planning to move to a different city but not very sure about how you should kick off the process? Is the awful lot of stuff in your house the reason why you are putting off the decision to pack at a later date? Then welcome to the club of the millions of people who face the exact same circumstances and go through pretty much the same feelings while preparing to move. It is not uncommon to see people getting stressed and overwhelmed when they are faced with the most daunting part of the moving process – the packing up of their belongings. So you might well be on the lookout for some useful tips to declutter your house before the actual moving date. Here are a few important and effective tips for decluttering that will prove to be more than handy while moving to a new city:

• Create a solid plan and try to stick with it till the very end: The best way to kick off the entire process is to think a few days ahead of the time. Make a bit of an effort to envision yourself in your new home and city. How would you want your new house to look and feel like? Take things with you that you really think you would want in your new house. Scrap or sell the rest of the unwanted items.

• Be prepared to let go: Treat this house moving thing as a purging process. There are certain things we get unnecessarily attached to even though we know that they are not going to be useful for us in the future. Stop holding on to all those items which are there in your house because of a feeling of scarcity, guilt or false attachment. It is better to be ruthless to yourself at this point of time if you really want to enjoy life in your new home.

• Sell, Scrap or Donate: These are the three simple yet the most effective tips for decluttering your house while moving. Find all those items in your house which are broken or not required. If you can sell or donate some of these items, then do so. Others which can neither be sold nor donated can simply be thrown away in the dustbin. Also, avoid the urge to buy groceries in bulk at this stage and you will thank yourself later.

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