Terms & Conditions

Pride ourselves on offering fair priced professional removals for our customers. Always on time & always fair. Our terms are for customers benefit to keep things clear on what we expect – its not to put anyone off. Might be worth having a read of these points.

What we expect, our terms & conditions and advice

  • Make sure you know what the removal job request entails goods/volume wise, Tell us how many individuals possessions living in the property we are moving , be as accurate as you possibly can, make a inventory list before calling, have address details, floors, What parking is like at both addresses, how far is the walk from van to door ,Note – all prices given are for within a maximum 10 meter SAFE LEVEL walk from van to/door/stair entrance .Can the van get access height (don’t assume if a car can get in that’s fine) is the ground suitable for a loaded van to travel over (country lanes with potholes/soft ground/grass/muddy conditions) the customer is fully responsible for informing us about any obstructions/roads works outside there property and UNUSUAL access point to property which could add time to the job OR CAUSE ISSUES , plus providing or paying for suitable AND SAFE parking arrangements if we are parking for any more than 30 Min’s.
  • Whose helping load van up (THIS is not an exclusive removal service ALL PRICES GIVEN ARE FOR THE CUSTOMER HELPING if you dont help that costs more so make sure ytou are very clear to us ) don’t ask for a quote and say it might be 2/3/4 helpers and we turn up and its one (you!). Try and invite friends along, cheaper and far better to work as a team! Saving time & money. Although no one seems to have friends when it comes to removals – sad fact! (All quotes are for one man with a van in Edinburgh unless you tell us you require two or more helpers/ removal porters, we may suggest you need two helpers once information is known).
  • Box lifting weight, if you can’t lift it, what makes you think anyone else can, no matter how strong. Have sensible sized boxes for your goods; don’t pack huge boxes with books, heavy objects. Can it really be safely lifted by one person?
  • Condition of box container; make sure the box container is strong enough and suitable to hold the goods you have packed in it. If box is visibly or feels flimsy and badly taped/packed, we cannot be responsible if it splits or falls apart on lifting, carrying or transporting. If you’re using plastic, newspapers, bubble wrap or cheap black bags, expect problems, this goes without saying, and anything damaged due to this van man removals cannot be held responsible for under any circumstances.
  • Plasma /LCD TVs & fragile items, antiques, etc. Make sure these items are packed with proper protection, we cannot be responsible if you have not protected these items sufficiently (yes we do have blankets in the van for hard surfaces & will make sure everything is well secured). If you have a vase or delicate item this needs to be in a box that is sufficiently packed and very clearly marked fragile. It’s valuable to you and it’s valuable to us!
  • Ikea, B&Q ,MFI style flat pack furniture, Ensure items are dismantled before our arrival, most of this type of furniture is build in the room as it stands, (double /treble wardrobes) so more than likely needs to be dismantled to get out the doorways. If we have to dismantle goods there will be an extra charge .If flat packed item we are carrying has not been sufficiently (originally) assembled & is flimsy / falling apart with fixings missing Van Man Removals are not responsible for repairs or replacing.
  • Large furniture, sofas, etc. Make sure they are suitable / able to fit into the destination address. WE cannot be held responsible for furniture that doesn’t fit through doorways or if the doors need removed from hinges. We will remove doors with the customer’s permission, on the understanding we are not responsible for reinstatement if the door does not fit back on as original fit, and we are not joiners! – If you live in a block and tell us there is a lift the item of furniture it can go in & it doesn’t due to size, we are willing to take it up 3 floors as a courtesy to the customer, if feasible. Any higher floor/levels you will be charged extra.
  • Plants/ lamps/ ornaments/pictures, shed contents can be time consuming to handle taking up valuable removal van volume & time. Make sure you tell use if you have anything like this. People forget about/ dismiss these items in the removal quote and make sure plants are packed in plastic bags to prevent wet earth, soil, water soiling the van & your furniture
  • Jewellery,Art, watches, coins, trinkets, small valuable items,monies,bonds laptops anything of high value will need to be on a full value inventory list listed by the customer prior to removals & signed by the driver/porter,these items have to clearly point out to driver on loading the removals van & packed in suitable boxed with sufficient packaging. We cannot be held responsible for items not listed on an full value inventory list .
  • Removal Assistance from customer & customer’s friends, its common courtesy to assist a man with a van with lifting & loading the van, all quotes are priced this way unless customer requests otherwise, clearly confirming to us they will not be helping in the initial removal quote. On the day make sure you’re fit and ready; we reserve the right to refuse to lift or move goods with anyone who isn’t capable of doing so safely. We cannot be responsible for anything we lift with customer and is damaged due to inadequate lifting technique or lack of strength.
  • When moving home in Edinburgh we understand its difficult to judge amounts, 9 out of 10 underestimate removals volume by 50 -100+% (yes that amount!) please understand we will charge more if it’s MASSIVELY more than said, no point in saying you have 10 boxes when really you have 30 +boxes & 20+ assorted items & its coming down & going up 3 floors. That’s potentially 50 trips up & down. If you have more than you originally told us please call us as soon as you can to tell us as job will take up more time, we may have to adjust OUR schedule & costs involved.
  • Long distance removal jobs 150+ miles, deposits must be paid if it’s a collection coming to Edinburgh. You can pay by pay-pal or direct into business bank account. Also make sure its worth transporting , sometimes goods are worth less than the cost of the removal ,things like bedding ,cheap TVs, stereos ,bric-a-brac (CRAP) , is it worth taking long distance? The removal costs soon add up ,van costs, Never mind loss to your pocket- for example if you’re looking for a removal to London ,the cost would be between £480 & £580 ,are your goods worth that . Try this site if its a single items or small amounts
  • Payments must be settled on job completion in cash, cheques are only acceptable if agreed prior to removal commencing. Company cheques, if not settled on completion day are liable for a 35% surcharge & you must inform me of your settlement time prior to job **WE ARE NOT A VAT REGISTERED COMPANY**.
  • The customer is responsible to be present or have a representative present at the removal locations, making sure all the removals instructions are carried out as requested. You are required to show us what’s being moved before we commence the job. We are not responsible, if uninstructed , for items being moved from room to room after we have completed/left the job – You are also responsible for having a space cleared prior to our arrival for the goods we are delivering e.g. garage/shed/flat ,We are not responsible for moving large volumes of goods for clearing a space .
  • Any damages whatsoever to goods or losses/missing items must be pointed out to removals driver/porter before departure on removal day & evidence produced via the customer FULL INVENTORY VALUE list ( No list means no proof no claims)  that must be made prior to the removal & signed by the driver prior to loading to have insurance cover . We CANNOT be held responsible for any DAMAGED goods/furniture anytime after we have departed the job & invalidates any claims if a inventory has not been made by customer .
  • We are happy for the customer to travel in our vehicle at there own risk. We cannot be responsible if the customer injures themselves entering or leaving the vehicle or when carrying the goods to & from the vehicle. We also advise the customer checks the unloaded van before our departure to satisfy themselves the van has been emptied of there goods & none remain in removals van .
  • We reserve the right to refuse to carry out requests if the full removal job information has NOT been provided by the customer which in turn may endanger ourselves / customers, delay other jobs booked on the day , risk damage to the vehicle or other property or carry out any unacceptable removals requests that is out with the norm & not been advised with sufficient notice prior to arrival. We also reserve the right to delay/postpone a removal if the weather conditions are extreme & its unsafe to carry out the job ,We cannot risk unsafe conditions.
  • ACCESS & BOOKING TIMES & QUOTE DETAILS – Make sure you have rights of access & keys for the property or keys for the storage. We MAY charge more if we have to make extra trips to collect keys or wait for keys due to delays in exchanges ,we cannot wait for unlimited times . If your removals times change from daytime to evening this may affect the quote depending on the job .
  • When you request a quote please tell us any info if you have a restricted timescale/access street may only have vehicle access at certain times or you require unusual hours this all affects prices quoted ,Also if you are not traveling with the driver and making your own way to destination the driver may have to wait some time before your arrival .
  • Quotes & Bookings- When requesting Quote & potential moving date, please try and book in as soon as possible if you wish to go ahead .Do not leave confirmation till 24/28hrs prior to move, We cannot be responsible if you have not contacted us in sufficient time & the date is no longer free .Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis. If the date was available on the day the quote was given, do not expect it to be free 24-48hrs prior to your requirements (Mainly for the larger jobs), we only book solid confirmations, nor do we book provisional dates on the off chance you `might` want to go ahead.
  • Quotes for work are priced PER JOB NOT an hourly rate, if by chance we carry out the task in hand quicker than the customer expected (meaning time-wise on the job) we still expect the customer to pay the FULL quoted price we have both agreed .Quotes are given for a jobs on information supplied /estimating the cost of our labour , NOT an hourly rate , fair price for a fair time (WE DO NOT CHARGE PER HOUR )
  • Our Goods in transit insurance can be checked on 0870 751 8139 policy 24168581 CXF – NORWICH UNION – Conditions apply.
  • We reserve the right to increase quotes due to fuel price increases (long distance jobs).
  • Job cancellations less than 24 hours prior to job will incur a 30% charge of initial quotation fee on jobs over £100

Note – All terms are liable for change at any time

When you agree to book a man with a van/removal job, no matter the size of job all terms are valid weather they have been read or not , I keep a copy on the van if you require to read them fully again.

Finally Above all be sensible & have common sense, we do removals for a living, it’s not a hobby. We care about what we do and like to leave the customer happy, wasted time (ours & yours) is lost revenue. We can only ask so many questions in the initial call; the one we don’t ask is the one we should have asked!!! We may have another job booked after yours and due to misinformation or lack of assistance this could create problems for our very efficiently run schedule. But usually it all goes well!!!

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