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Van Man Removals : Team

Martin @ Van Man Removals who runs the removal business has been doing removals since 2005, no one else was called van man removals then at any location in UK, yes its actually true ! I deliberately turned the wording around from the normal man and van style,  I started the man with a van service in Edinburgh after seeing a niche in the market for small moves locally as believe it or not there was less than 10 in Edinburgh. Since then a few other tom,dick, colin, damien, and the guy whose dad calls the shots calling me up for false quotes and continually clicking my advert (tut tut) and obviously the harry type geezers, some of them local and some not so local have started but none are anywhere near as brilliant as our Edinburgh Removal service, no matter how often they check my website out, or copying ideas and rehashing as their own genius thinking, entrepreneurs they tag themselves! I just call it blatant unimaginative and very amateurish behaviour. Some easily led  local businesses and customers fall for their empty charms but i know better and really sometimes customers get who they deserve to do the job, so good luck with the stress levels!


Martin – Van Man Removals Edinburgh – 0773 026 3353


Happy and sometimes not so happy at his work providing people moving home in Edinburgh service with an honest no nonsense attitude and best of all sensible Removal quotes approach. You can be assured when calling Martin you`ll get honest answers & fair service and not be ripped off. Best of all no smarmy song and dance sales speak you often get from people who are paid to do it and don’t really care even if they convince you they do, but be warned some people don’t like honesty, be prepared when calling van man removals to be asked a few questions about your job and please don’t say i don’t sound interested after I’ve been asking 10x more questions that the other guy, it means i am interested  and i want information so i know what the job is and i can do it.


Free Removals in Edinburgh advice (honesty is the best policy)


me2011Martin freely offers advice to Home Movers in Edinburgh if he can’t help them out and is happy to provide alternative Edinburgh Based company phone numbers (very rare now). He will also tell you if you have had a good Removal quote, that’s if you are constantly wasting time calling round every single Removal company in Edinburgh and the surrounding 50 miles  looking for that little bit cheaper ; for example NO man and van can beat £15 for a single local item, £60 for  Small Removals to Glasgow or even the toe curling craziness of £385 Edinburgh to Swansea! which leaves about 50p profit after fuel, lunch and a Tea on way back to Edinburgh. Business wise the sums clearly don’t add up with some quotes, but for you its a  good deal and martin will tell you that !

Call or text or use viber etc Martin the Edinburgh Van Man for a quote on 07730263353



The Part time help ( Now retired and bored 2014 till present day ) 

Michael also known as “Elliott” can often be found rummaging at Ramsey Cornish auctions in Jane street. You can normally hear him before you see him (yes that`s him with the posh voice) Skilled at moving antiques and fine art, so he keeps telling anyone who will listen, and also talented at tying knots his main party trick. So if you have Furniture/Antiques/Art for auction house sales in Edinburgh or need some rare honest advice with values (its never actually worth anywhere near what you think is it !) hes your man, before he soon retires to a life of luxury. Needless to say he knows exactly what customers are like, hence the hair colour.

Classic ”Elliott” Pose @ Dovecot studios Edinburgh.

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