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Sufficient packing attitude.

What is A sufficient packing attitude? Every Home removal company and man with a van services has different expectations for home removals and self packs. Very often, like most things in life, expectations are never met.Customers often pack items themselves for moving and don't think it through properly and the potential consequences. How can a self packer for a Large or small home move get it right? Well, think how valuable is my stuff ¬†and do i want to use cardboard or the thinnest microns of plastic bags you can buy, but still apparently have the right to complain if…

Tips on the wrong Packaging for a moving

Using the wrong packaging Packing boxes when moving is a real pain and most of the time people don't want to pay for decent double walled boxes, so usually settle for those monster munch multi-pack crisp boxes that have no strength in them at all, but are visually a good size to someone who has no thought about safely moving their goods but think its fine for the mover who has to lift them who has been entrusted to move everything without damaging it. Ive lost count of those types of those single walled boxes with that recycled soft sponge…

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