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Great Expectations the tale of two sides.

Great Expectations for a Domestic removal?   Expecting the movers to arrive and you have self packed and hired someone to move it all? Whats the best practices and expectations of the customer but also taking into account, surprisingly,  the removal men also have some expectations! Customers expectations for a booked removal is firstly for the movers to turn up on the time agreed, then a vehicle large enough to take the self assessed estimated volume of goods is parked outside capable of  carrying your goods. The man power to do the removal job in a methodical manner without anything…

Why so many questions, all i want is a quote?

Calling for a quote to move something You like anyone will expected to be asked some questions, all very perfectly natural for a removal service or any type of business for that matter to be inquisitive about what you need?   Lack of information but still want a price? Sometimes callers/Emails come across as  reluctant to answer questions, which is not the best of starts for initial first impressions, almost like something is being hidden, this makes the job of giving an approx quote very difficult and all a bit confusing as to why a call has been received if…

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