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Rubbish removals Edinburgh

Rubbish removals Edinburgh Tips for the Perfect Rubbish Removals Job Arranging a rubbish removals job at home is something that doesn’t have to be a huge hassle or take up a lot of your time. If you have a lot of old stuff in the house that you no longer need then the following are a few tips for getting rid of it easily and safely. Sort Out the Rubbish in Advance One common mistake that many people make is to leave it to the last minute before working out what needs to be thrown out. In fact, rubbish removals…

How household waste disposal in Edinburgh works

How does waste disposal in Edinburgh work? So you've got a pile of rubbish or loads of old unwanted furniture or household goods, garden shed, garage to clear or better still garden refuse and need to get rid of it. Its of no value to you and really the sooner its out your life the better.   Waste disposal good news/bad news Well, theres good news and bad new, good news we at van man removals can help remove rubbish from your Edinburgh home, the bad news, it all needs paying for, yes, even if its worthless to you and…

Edinburgh council tip – Furniture disposal

Edinburgh council furniture disposal Furniture disposal - Do you know how much Edinburgh city council charge for special uplifts, you might be surprised! It currently shows on council website 20 odd quid for up to 6 items, that’s pretty dam good value compared to our prices - truth be told we are not subsidised the the council tax payer so that might be something to do with it ! People often call man with a van edinburgh for uplifting old furniture disposal jobs that’s of little value and think its of little value to pay for its disposal almost to…

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